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Businesses Hope Fastener Exports To Europe As Soon As Possible To Restore Normal
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Central fastener dispute, WTO early in 2011, has determined that the Chinese won, EU to lift anti-dumping duties, but the latter is not enforced, only the average anti-dumping tax rate fell from 77.5% to 54.1%. In view of this, China won again this round could give China's fastener business to achieve normal exports to Europe is still unknown. Business is eager to support at the national level.

Watched Chinese fasteners anti-dumping measures against the European Union, the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement body ruled recently, said that the EU has failed to fully implement the WTO rulings, and still violate WTO rules, China won. Head of the Department of Treaty and law, Ministry of Commerce statement said the Chinese side welcomed the ruling, want the EU to make fundamental changes.

For these results, an interview with this reporter was gratified by related companies also said that they were not unexpected. But given the performance of EU enterprises expressed concern about the full implementation of the WTO ruling on the European side. They want based on the enterprises active in responding, the State and the Government can give some support, so that the early achievement of normal exports to Europe of Chinese enterprises.