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Comparison Of Carbon Steel Screws And Stainless Steel Screws
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Stainless steel and carbon steel of physical performance data compared, carbon steel of density is slightly higher than ferrite and horse's size stainless steel, and is slightly lower than Austrian's size stainless steel; resistance rate by carbon steel, and iron pigment size, and horse's size and Austrian's size stainless steel sort increments; line expansion coefficient size of sort also similar, Austrian's size stainless steel highest and carbon steel minimum; carbon steel, and iron pigment size and horse's size stainless steel has magnetic, Austrian's size stainless steel no magnetic, but its cold processing hardening generated into's body phase variable Shi will will produced magnetic, Heat treatment can be used to eliminate the martensite and the restoration of its non-magnetic. Austenitic stainless steel compared to carbon steel and have the following characteristics:

1, high rate of negative, about 5 times the carbon steel.

2, the coefficient of linear expansion, 40% larger than the carbon steel, and as the temperature rises, linear expansion coefficient values are increased accordingly.

3, low thermal conductivity, some carbon steel 1/3.