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Cutting tools greatly facilitate the production of machinery
- Nov 19, 2016 -

In our production and life, will be essential to use some cutting tools. But many people still do not know what is the real cutting tools, how to correctly use it. Here follow this article together into the cutting tool world.

What is a cutting tool

The cutting tool is also called tool, is a tool in the production process in the production of machinery used for cutting tool and die. The task belongs to cutting tools category. This type of tool has two categories, a type of manual cutting tools, cutting tools or organic type.

Almost all of the cutting tools are mainly composed of two parts of the body, are clamping part and working part. For the overall structure of the cutter, the clamping part and the part of work is to be made on the cutter body. The structure of the cutter inserts another knife, it the ruler and the blade part is to be mounted on top of the cutter body parts, clamping tool installed, there are two types of classification, with hole type and with a handle.

The working part of the cutting tool has three types of classification, mainly is the integral type, the welding type as well as the mechanical fixed clamp these three kinds.

1, the overall type, to produce a cutting knife on the knife body.

2, the welding part of the structure, is mainly to the blade on the knife body in brazing steel work. For the mechanical clamping type is divided into two kinds. The first kind of blade is fixed on the cutter body with a clamping way.

3, for clamping work in the cutter knife body, brazing. Types of different cutting tools to use different structures. For hard alloy props, making it to use the way of welding or mechanical clamping. For it to choose to use porcelain cutter clamping the way, the other way is not suitable. Cutting tools have greatly facilitated our mechanical production process, in the future, with the improvement of science and technology, the cutting tool will continue to upgrade innovation, create more and better products for people to use