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Gap on automotive fasteners in China and abroad
- Sep 03, 2016 -

Many people do not know, of automotive fasteners in China and abroad, by contrast, don't know what the gap where we understand the technology, we can improve it, in fact, the gap with foreign automotive fasteners in China, mainly in the following points:

First, there is a gap on the idea first. Throughout the world's best suppliers of automotive fasteners, their management's guiding principle is for OEMs to provide design, production, sales, service, logistics and other support, solve the problems encountered in fastener manufacturing. However, the lines of today's modern industry whether it is very general, and advanced, most of the work is also tightening bolts and nuts. For OEMs to provide a full range of support to solve fastening problems, is a big issue vendor worthy of reflection.

Second, there is a gap with foreign enterprises on the development mode of. In China, the fastener supplier exists in many such cases, scale not only did not come up, specialization or is not in place. Particularly in Germany, their production is for many countries automobile factories and other industrial chains provide a fastener service, forming a typical scale and specialization. Both contributes to a disparity in development mode.