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How to clean metal screws will not rust?
- Sep 03, 2016 -

Metal screws using a long time after the cleaning is required, it should be how to clean screws rust won't do?

Wash metal screws, please use care not to scratch the surface to avoid bleaching ingredient and abrasive washing liquid, steel ball (brush roller ball), grinding tools, in order to get rid of the washing liquid, washing at the end, rinse surface with clean water.

The surface State and washing method as follows:

1, adhesive composition-using alcohol or organic solvents to clean metal screws.

2, fingerprint-with alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) and wipe dry with a soft cloth after washed with water.

3, welding heat discoloration – using 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid wash again with a dilute solution of ammonia carbonate soda and then washed with water – specifically the washing and processing and drug use.

4, organic carbon – immersion in a hot neutral detergent or ammonia solution and then wash with detergent containing weak ground.

5, dust as well as easy to get rid of scale-using SOAP, weak lotion or wash with warm water.

6, fats, oils, and lubricating oil pollution-with a soft cloth or paper after wiping with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or dedicated wash drug to wash.

7-using nitric acid, surface pollutants caused by rust (10%) or abrasive detergents washing-using special washing pharmaceutical cleaning metal screws.

8, Rainbow Stripes-using too much detergent or oil, washing with warm water and neutral detergent.

9, labels and foil-use warm water and weak detergent to scrub.

10, bleach and acids attached – immediately wash with water, soaked with ammonia or neutral soda carbonate solution, with neutral detergent or water after washing