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How to prevent broken connecting rod bolts
- Sep 03, 2016 -

1. connecting rod bolt engine suffered big alternating shock loading, is an important part of the engine, it is made of high quality alloy steel is through adjusting the quality and precision machining, high strength and toughness, not with ordinary bolt or bad parts replaced. Bolt material, heat treatment, Machining accuracy does not meet the technical requirements will result in poor mechanical strength of fracture and deformation.

2. should be carefully checked before Assembly. When noticed scratches on the bolt, slide buckles, nicks, dents, necking or cracks (oil impregnation method or magnetic flaw detection), or bolts, nuts fit loosely, or bolt with the bolt hole to work closely together, or use contrasting observations, bolt length is longer than new standard bolt length 2%, and should be replaced.

3. check the connecting rod bearing clearance with the connecting rod journal, if the gap is too large, it is easy to cause fracture of the connecting rod bolts. New connecting rod bearings should be replaced at this time or increase the bearing, and matching or scratch card.

4. check the connecting rod bolts or nuts with the connecting rod Cap shoulder bearing surface of the fitting, if any burrs or rough, to be grinding, otherwise the bolts attaching the connecting rod torque, easily broken.