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Screw Factory Tells You What Rivet Screw
- Oct 09, 2017 -

Rivet screw is used in sheet or sheet metal of a new type fasteners. Its principle is embossed tooth into the preset holes in sheet metal, the hole diameter slightly smaller than the preset pressure press in the outer diameter of the rivet screw, rivet screw through the pressure onto the outside diameter of apertures within the surrounding plastic deformation, deformation is squeezed into the Guide slot, so as to have the effect of locking. Rivet screws from the material is divided into free cutting steel rivet screw, rivet screws of stainless steel and copper, aluminum rivet screws, respectively, due to different environments. Specifications are usually use mostly from the M2 to M6. Rivet screw now, there is no uniform national standards, only the industry standard. Commonly used in electronics, telecommunications, electrical, chassis, cabinets, sheet metal and other industries.

Why are some screws without nuts

As for screws, you do not need set screws cap screws are tight, most often used for fixed and rotor, prevent loose, shifting or turning. This screw is on the wheel with threaded holes in the circumferential surface, set screw through the screw hole stands the shaft of conical pits or holes. Also in the wheel and the shaft end at the edge of a screw hole, its role is to prevent both shifts. Most of the connection or fixing is using cap screws. This screw connection parts General parts are above the hole, the following part is the screw hole, only a nut when you press down on the surface of the workpiece to produce compact, fastening workpieces.