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The ingenious use of non-standard screws
- Sep 03, 2016 -

1. clear the broken screw breakage surface sludge section Center punch die with a Center punch and drill packed diameters 6-8 mm drill bit in the section on Center punch hole place drill, note the hole must be drilled through. After the holes drilled through, little bit removed, put on a 16 mm diameter bit, broken bolt holes will continue to be expanded and to drill through.

2. take diameter 3.2 mm following of electrode used small current in broken bolt of drilling within by in to outside for heap welding heap welding began of parts take broken bolt whole length of half can. began heap welding Shi introduction arc don't had long so as not to will broken bolt outside wall burn wear. heap welding to broken bolt top surface Hou again continues to heap welding out 1 a diameter 14-16 mm high 8-10 mm of cylindrical body.

3. surfacing after the hammer blow at the end surface of the decollation bolt along its axis to cause vibrations. result of arc heat and subsequent cooling along with the vibrations will cause broken bolt loose with the threads of the body.

4. There are traces of rust after careful observation of found percussion can take when escaping from a fracture of the M18 nuts on the surfacing of stigma and weld the two together.

5. after welding cool before it's too late with a Torx wrench on the nut wiggle wiggle back and forth back and forth around the edges with a small hammer striking the nut end surface so that you can remove the broken bolt.