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What material will be better used in bathroom hardware
- Feb 23, 2017 -

Today, a variety of hardware is very large, light bath indoor use hardware more varieties of hardware, so many, in the selection, if you do not master certain knowledge, it might not know what to choose. In the face of such problems, the following explanation never rust steel and space two kinds of aluminum material point of view, in the end what advantages and disadvantages?TKXBUQEHT2S6Q3VJLRMOYPGC.jpg

Because of the bathroom, there is always water vapor, therefore, have certain requirements on the choice of hardware, such as easy to rust, fade, after a period of time, metal rust, will affect the day after use. Therefore, when the choice need to pick a relatively thick, durable hardware.

Stainless steel hardware

This stuff is very popular, it made the bathroom racks, also is a very good choice. No corrosion, pitting corrosion, wear and other phenomena. Stainless steel corrosion resistance is also very good. This kind of product is a natural product and durable, no matter how long time, look what kind of new and not two.

Aluminum material in space

This is a high-end products, will not rust, do not fade, environmental protection, durable characteristics. Now, many people will use this product decoration, environmental protection than copper products better, no oxidation, than stainless steel much better. But one thing is not good, that is their own is aluminum soft, therefore, it is easy to produce scratches and bump mark. This is the general space aluminum by high temperature, aluminum magnesium alloy, after special treatment of oxidation. Therefore, high temperature resistant, have a great impact, this is very good. It's relatively high corrosion resistance, light resistance characteristics. Therefore, aluminum space mostly manufacturing of aviation equipment.

In the hardware for later comparison of the two materials, we can clearly, this place is the bathroom in a special place, if there is no good to deal with the case, the installation of hardware will gradually rust in the erosion of water vapor, and slowly become not very durable.