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How to improve the retention problem of hardware tools in China

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Random in a city hardware tools market around, people will find in the market many brands of hardware tools merchants, in these merchants display cabinets, both the current popular hardware tools, but also a lot of backward hardware power tools cannot meet the needs of the times. So, in this situation of serious waste of resources, is there any way to improve this problem?46pcAccording to hardware industry experts, with the continuous development and change of the times, the development pattern of hardware industry is quietly changing, before supply exceeds supply, the industry with extremely high profit margin is becoming oversupply, the situation of industry capacity gradually process, profit margin is gradually decreasing. From the current existence of several hardware market agglomeration areas: Zhejiang Yongkang hardware machinery and electrical production enterprise cluster, Shandong Linyi hardware market, Chengdu Jinfu hardware machinery and electrical city production, sales cluster production, sales of many hardware tools, hardware tools types not only included in life common wrench, screwdriver, electric drill and other hardware tools, but also included pressure cooker, electric razor, hardware lock and other products.

At the same time, with the deepening of competition among various production and sales enterprises, the profits of each link of the hardware tools industry chain are compressed, and under the requirements of international environmental protection demand and new material technology, those traditional, low-tech low-value hardware tools are gradually eliminated, the production of excessive hardware tools gradually lost their use value, by the production enterprises, dealers piled up in the warehouse, gradually resulting in a waste of resources. There are several options for re-using these stranded hardware tools:

1. Recycling and re-processing of recyclable tools.

2. Sell relatively advanced and available tools to economically less advanced areas at lower prices to effect inventory clearing. Here, industry insiders point out that keeping up with the needs of the times, understanding consumer demand, the production of high value-added hardware tools is the main task and development direction of the current production enterprises.



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