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Phillips screwdriver bits introduction

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A Phillips screwdriver bit, also known as a Phillips head, is a tool used to fasten Phillips-shaped screws. It is a common screwdriver bit widely used in household, automobile, machinery and electronic equipment and other fields. When choosing a Phillips screwdriver bit, there are different specifications and standards to consider to ensure an exact fit of the tool to the screw.

Phillips 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2# and 3# are the six common Phillips screwdriver head specifications, each with different sizes and shapes to suit different screw sizes and types. These specifications are based on DIN standards and Japanese JIS standards. Phillips screwdriver bit PH2

phillips impact bits PH2DIN standard is the abbreviation of German Industrial Standard, which is a series of standards formulated by the German Standardization Organization. In the DIN standard, the size of the Phillips screwdriver head is defined according to its blade width and blade depth. For example, Phillips 000# has a knife-edge width of 0.6 mm and a knife-edge depth of 1.5 mm, while Phillips 2# has a knife-edge width of 2.3 mm and a knife-edge depth of about 2.5 mm.

The Japanese JIS standard is a series of standards formulated by the Japan Industrial Standardization Organization. Similar to the DIN standard, the JIS standard also defines the Phillips screwdriver head specification as its blade width and depth. However, the specifications of the JIS standard and the DIN standard are slightly different. For example, the JIS standard defines the Phillips 1# specification as a blade width of 1.3 mm and a blade depth of 1.2 mm, while the DIN standard defines it as a blade width of 2.5 mm and a blade depth of 1.0 mm.

When choosing a Phillips screwdriver bit, care needs to be taken to select the correct gauge and standard to ensure an exact fit between the screw and the tool. If the wrong specification or standard is used, the screw or tool may be damaged, making it impossible to remove or tighten the screw properly. In addition, high-quality tools need to be selected to ensure their durability and longevity.

In conclusion, the Phillips screwdriver bit is a common tool that comes in a variety of sizes and standards. The correct selection of the appropriate Phillips screwdriver bit specifications and standards, as well as the selection of high-quality tools, are the keys to ensure an accurate match between the screw and the tool.



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