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What are the development trends of the hardware industry in the new era

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With the transformation of our country from the traditional hardware tool processing and exporting country to the powerful hardware tool R & D and sales country, the influence of the hardware products independently developed by each enterprise in our country has been greatly enhanced. The product also obtained the good economic benefit and the word of mouth because of the high quality. So, in the new market requirements, hardware tools industry will also be with what kind of trend? 2018In view of this, the domestic hardware tools Association conducted an analysis and prediction at the year-end meeting: first, developing the R & D and production of hardware tools in the areas of environmental protection, energy conservation and green science and technology is itself a resource-consuming industry, and its low carbon content. Environmental protection, green development of the road has been an early mention of an important height and status. Under this kind of request, whether it is a large hardware tool manufacturer or a general scale hardware tool manufacturer, their development must adhere to the development policy of "reduce, reuse, resource". In the guidance of new technology, the more green technology, the better environmental energy conservation, enterprises will also make more money. Second, brand awareness will increase with the major reshuffle of various industries, the future competition among the industries will be the competition between brands, this point can be seen from the original mobile phone brand blooming to the monopoly of several giants now. As an important part of the development of market economy, hardware tools industry will also take such a road. Now the consumer's consumption concept has changed, their product brand awareness has been enhanced, they have more preference for those high profile hardware tools when they choose to buy hardware tools products. Thirdly, consumers will be more rational in buying hardware tools. In the past, consumers have paid more attention to the perceptual factors such as appearance, function, style and so on. But now they are more interested in the quality and quality of the products. Grades and other very rational factors, single low prices, multifunctional can no longer meet their needs. In addition, the hardware tools industry is also accompanied by the development of computer technology, the intelligent products, the network and diversification of sales channels are also its obvious development trend.



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