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What are the supporting points for hardware development

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The current hardware tools are walking a circulation and the middle end of the cross-operation mode, they have experienced hardware a street to hardware mechanical and electrical city in the exhibition and trade combination of professional market changes. The secondary and tertiary market of the traditional channel plays an important role, and the emergence of a batch of supermarkets and big markets makes the distribution show a flat trend. In this period of time, the development of hardware tools at this time also has a new support point.110mm双截PH2两支

I. Large-scale development of the whole industry

It is the private enterprises that occupy 70% of the components that make our country become the world hardware tool processing power. And in the international market, under the rapid development of production technology and labor power cost in developed countries in Europe and the United States, they often produce high value-added products, while the universal products can only be transferred to developing countries. The low cost labor force and strong market potential make China's hardware tools gradually become a world-level processing and export power.

II. Diversification of the Hardware Tools Industry

Throughout the hardware industry, it is now forming a virtuous circle. The wholesale hardware market has great advantages in trade, circulation and export. Under the premise that the advantages are constantly highlighted, the production and sales of hardware tools products have flourished the whole hardware tools market, and the market is booming at the same time driving the demand of all kinds of hardware tools.

All kinds of hardware tool enterprises are carrying out the modern mode

Under the new situation, the production enterprises gradually extend to the circulation field, and the specialty stores have also become well-known brands in the industry in the modern mode. At the same time, the development of e-commerce has realized the healthy development of the whole hardware tool industry by combining online and offline.

Under the new support point, the hardware tool industry ushered in a new stage of development, the quality of hardware tool products is improving, the scale is expanding, and the market is also developing in an orderly manner.



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