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What aspects should be reflected in the Transformation of hardware tools Industry in the Internet era

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After a high speed and disorderly development stage, the development speed of hardware tools market at home and abroad has obviously slowed down. In the situation of slow down of development, hardware tools market still needs to maintain certain vitality and growth point, so as to maintain a benign and orderly development situation of the overall economy. Under such development request, need to carry on the transformation development to the present hardware tool industry. Here, a lot of insiders have expressed, the hardware tool industry transformation under the Internet age should be reflected from what aspect? In view of this, experts in the industry should transform and upgrade from the following two directions: first, upgrading from the high-end direction of products to the continuous progress and innovation of science, technology and technology, so that the life span of modern hardware tools can be extended. The reduction of wear rate and the low replacement rate of hardware tools. In the face of this situation, many people in the industry feel hardware tools industry in a downhill. On the contrary, this shows that hardware tools are also moving towards multi-function, high-quality direction. In order to make the high-end characteristics of hardware tools more obvious, it is necessary for enterprises to upgrade in terms of production technology and R & D in addition to breakthroughs in the production materials and coating technology of hardware tools. Let more and more multifunctional tools replace the traditional single hardware tool products. Second, developing the application of computer technology in various industries from the point of view of product intelligence has been popularized, and intelligent hardware tools have emerged in the hardware tools industry. These intelligent hardware tools in the work and life of the application has greatly met the needs of people. The design and production of these intelligent hardware tools adopt the system integrated mode and computer technology, as well as artificial engineering design. Their popularity makes work and life easier and more efficient. As the next wind in the development of hardware tools, more and more enterprises have begun to invest manpower, capital and technology in the direction of intelligence in order to occupy more hardware markets. Still looking for a way out for the development of hardware tools, in the enterprise transformation phase, may as well from the hardware tool high-end and intelligent perspective to achieve product upgrading.



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