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Approved by ISO 9001, we post the IQC (Incoming Quality Control) in every process. IQC is the first control point of the quality system. All materials are inspected in IQC according to the Sampling Plan before sending to each processing unit.

All IQC inspectors are given trainings on sampling plan, Component Cognition and equipment operation before taking up the post. They perform visual inspection and function test according to sampling plan to check whether the components are qualified or not.

According to our customer’s torque & life requirement, we perform the high level testing performance by our precise testing instruments.Our products must satisfy our strict quality control peopleOur unique organisation positions QC engineers not only in the testing lab, but also  shoulder with the machine operators on the floor. 

We guarantee the quality and robustness of each item that we ship. Not only are we able to fill your order with fully compliant “ ROHS ” products and materials, but we can also satisfy your need for special-sized goods, fully compliant. Our new line will give you the edge you need.